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Sudan: Embassies and consulates abroad

  • Country Information

    Sudan is a country in North Africa.

    Sudan is bordered by Libya to the northwest, Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the east-northeast, Eritrea to the east, Ethiopia to the east-southeast, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest and Chad to the west.

  • Area
    1 886 068 km2
  • Capital
  • Main cities
    Omdourman, Khartoum, Bahri, Nyala, Port-Soudan.
  • Currency
    Sudanese Pound (SDG)
  • Main spoken languages
    Arabic, French.
  • Points of interest

    National Museum of Sudan, Pyramids of Meroe, Pyramids of Kerma, Temple of Amun of Soeb, Khalifa House Museum.