Les 4 Frères

37 boulevard de la villette 75010, Paris, France

Practical and useful information

  • Vente à emporter
Other information
  • African, algerian cuisine
  • Means of payment: credit card, checks, restaurant vouchers
  • Access by metro: station Belleville

About the restaurant

In our restaurant, the meat is halal, alcohol is replaced by Selecto or Iffri, popular soft drinks in Algeria. Besides the two daily specials offered daily, you can feast with a rolled couscous by hand, a loubia (white beans) in its sauce or some home-like lentils. You can accompany it with grilled meat brochettes, home-made merguez or kofta (chopped meat) which you would have chosen and given to the grill attendant. Prior to this, you are free to begin with a delicious mhadjeb (with onions, tomatoes, chillies), a chlita (salads of peppers and tomatoes), a meat or tuna brick, unless you prefer the soups chorba or harira which are the unavoidable start to any break of the fast during the Ramadan period.