Sweet Handz

217 Holloway Road, London N7 8DL, England

Practical and useful information

Opening hours
  • From tuesday to saturday from 11:00 to 23:00
  • Sunday from 15:00 to 00:00
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Other information
  • African, ghanaian cuisine
  • Accessby metro: station Holloway Road

About the restaurant

There are restaurants that serve ghanaian food, there are restaurants that claim to be authentically ghanaian, and then there is Sweet Handz Restaurant. Sweet Handz is the touch of Ghana situated in the heart of London city. The restaurant blends a relaxed atmosphere with delicious authentic ghanaian food achieved by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. The mood at Sweet handz is excellent. Given the best hospitality and choice from our extensive menu of ghanaian dishes. Sweet Handz Restaurant was established with the objective to bring authentic ghanaian cuisine to residents of London and the UK. 

An overview of the restaurant's menu

Minimum price: 2.50 €, Maximum price: 8.00 €



Suya khebabs

Spicy ribs

Fried sprats

Spicy prawns

Kelewele (diced ripe plantain lightly spiced and deep fried served with roasted peanuts)

Tsofi (deep fried turkey tail seasoned with onions, chilli, ginger and special spice)


Akonfem (spiced guinea fowl served with a mixture of hot pepper and onions)

Palava sauce (spinach stew with boiled plantain, yam or plain rice)

Okro soup with assorted meat

Fufu (pounded cassava, plantain or yam with peanut soup, palm soup ou pepper soup)

Omotuo (soft boiled rice with palm soup, peanut soup or pepper soup)

Fried red snapper

Grilled tilapia with special spices

Wachey ans stew (back eyed beans and rice with stew)

Jollof rice with chicken or mutton stew


Ice cream: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate

Ice: continental, coconut, orange and lemon