Mama Africa

25-27 Watford Way, London NW4 3JH, England

Practical and useful information

Opening hours
  • From monday to thursday from 23:00 to 23:30
  • Friday and saturday from 12:00 to 03:00
  • Sunday from 12:00 to 23:30
  • Online booking
  • Carterer
  • Takeaway
  • Events
  • Privatization
Other information
  • African cuisine
  • Access by metro: station Hendon Central

About the restaurant

Mama Africa restaurant formerly known as Wazobia is an exciting adventure in the quest for authentic African dining experience of the highest quality with products strictly from freshly grown foods. Thinking of where to get authentic African food? Come to Mama Africa today, if you are thinking of an exciting and dynamic venue in which to eat authentic and freshly prepared African food from an extremely wide selection of foods on offer. So therefore if you are looking for a real taste of Africa, then search no further and come to Mama Africa.

An overview of the restaurant's menu

Minimum price: 2.00 €, Maximum price: 35.00 €


Pepper soup: mixed meat, goat, fish, catfish, oxtail

Special suya

Garnished catfish

Chicken gizzard

Garnished snail

Nkwobi (boneless cow feet pieces with palm oil and marinated in traditional herbs)





Rice: white, jollof, fried

Beans: plain, moi moi

Yam: boiled, fried, porridge (cubbed yam cooked in tomatoes, pepper, onions with crayfish)

Plantain: fried, boiled

Stew (liquidized tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs)

Affang (cooked with Okasi leaves, Ugu and spinach)






Nsala (cooked in a tasty green leaf and a mixture of traditional spices)

Beef, goat, tripe, cowleg (steamed or fried)

Fish: tilapia, bream

Akparo (smoked chicken or turkey in onion, red and green peppers)

Kenyan Nyama choma (grilled/roasted goat meat)


Choice of ice cream

Sticky tofee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Apple pie with ice cream