Pero Restaurant and Lounge

812 Bloor Street W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L9, Canada

Practical and useful information

Opening hours
  • From tuesday to sunday from 17:00 to 23:00
  • Online booking
  • Organization of events
  • Takeaway
Other information
  • African, ethiopian, eritrean cuisine
  • Access by metro: station Ossington
  • Means of de payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

About the restaurant

Pero Restaurant is as rich and diverse as eastern african culture. The spectrum Pero Restaurant cuisine can be said to lie between are two dietary extremes: vegetarianism and carnivorism. The essence of good Eastern African cooking revolves around the appropriate use of aromatic spices. The skill lies in subtle blending of a variety of spices to enhance, rather than overwhelm the basic flavour of a particular dish. It is interesting to see an eastern african chef at work with a palette of spices, gratuitously sprinkling these powders in exact pinches into the dish in front of him. It is these complexities of regional food in Eastern Africa that make it such a fascinating experience. We at the Pero Restaurant and Lounge aim to bring the most traditional dishes from all corners of Eastern Africa, maintain the classic Eritrean recipes, and enhance the offering with some signature dishes to reflect the changing food trends in modern Africa. We will gladly prepare a dish you request that does not appear on the menu, time permitting.

An overview of the restaurant's menu

Minimum price: 7.00 $, Maximum price: 69.00 $



Flaxseed Dip

Veggie Roll

Mixed Salad

Collard with Flaxseed


Pero's Platter: a combination of beef tibsi, chicken tibsi and three vegetarian dishes

Timitimo Tsebhi: lentil stew with spices and berbere

Hamli: cooked collard greens, onions, green peppers, seasoned with garlic and ginger

Beef Tibsi: Beef sautéed with onions, green chilli pepper and awaze

Gored Gored: cubed tender beef served with a berbere sauce. Served medium or rare. Goes good with Ouzo

Kitfo: very lean and tender minced beed seasoned with mitmita and house butter. Served medium or rare

Cha Cha: boned lamb served sizzling on a skillet

Shrimp Tibsi: shrimp served spicy or mild delicately sautéed with tomatoes, peppers, onions and berbere