Alebi African Cuisine

10694 135a St, Surrey, BC V3T 4E2, Canada

Practical and useful information

Opening hours
  • Sunday and monday from 11:00 to 18:00
  • From wednesday o saturday from 11:00 to 21:00
  • Online booking
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Other information
  • African, nigerian cuisine

About the restaurant

Alebi African Cuisine is a international flare hidden in the heart of Surrey, B.C. We take you on an adventure all the way back to Nigeria with our authentic cuisines.
Feast on the traditional Banga soup, the jolloff rice and fried chicken, and the spanish egg stew!

An overview of the restaurant's menu

Minimum price: 3.99 $, Maximum price: 13.99 $


Fried gizzard (8 pieces)

Cassava sticks (6 pieces): with plum sauce


Egusi (Melon seed): a truly african favourite sauteed with your choice of beef, chicken, fish, or goat meat

Traditional Banga soup

Efo riro: rich in spinach or kale leaf soup, with assorted meat, beef, chicken, or goat meat, a truly nigerian delicacy very healthy

Jollof rice and fried chicken: cooked in tomato stew with lots of spices

Mixed vegetable and rice

Rice and beans with beef or goat meat

Plantain porridge

Beans and yam

Tilapia pepper soup